• iPhone 6 common phone fault repair tips

    1: iphone hard drive heating power supply does not boot, remove the C0617 capacitor next to the hard disk;

    2: iphone clips electricity does not leak, after triggering is set at around 1.4A, usually the hard disk 3.0V power supply short circuit;

    3: The most common type of charging is the charging IC U1401, which can be removed by re-planting or replacing it.

    4: iphone6 ​​after the fall without a receiver without a message without ringtone automatic hands-free, solution: first add welding or re-planting ringtone amplification IC U1601, followed by checking the main audio working conditions. Replant or replace as appropriate;

    5: The water supply starting current needs to be replaced by the power supply IC U1201 at around 100MA. If the current is not connected at 70MA, consider the audio and display IC;

    6: Mobile payment NFC U5301_RF virtual welding caused a crash restart, adding or re-planting this IC (falling machine), will cause 99% error when brushing;

    7: Audio U0900 virtual welding will lead to white apple, re-implant audio IC (falling machine);

    8: iphone6 ​​WIFI chip is a low-temperature chip, the replacement is recommended to use a brand new, the disassemble is more likely to damage the chip itself, and many other machines after the screen is replaced WIFI can not be opened WIFI damage, focus on checking WIFI power supply inductance, start wake-up signal (usually The machine that has fallen will be accompanied by CPU soldering);

    9: US version V version iphone6 ​​telecom card can not access the Internet, you must first erase the iphone, in the telecom card with data traffic activation;

    10: The temperature of the iphone is too high, first consider the battery problem, followed by the temperature detection circuit (4 groups) and the power supply;

    11: Loss of 16.5V on the fingerprint interface will cause the printer to report error 53 and need to change the fingerprint IC to solve it (the fingerprint 3.0V power supply comes directly from the power supply, there is 3.0V without 1.8V, the flying line can be removed, and the power supply is replaced directly without 3.0V)

    12: The power-on current is about 200-300MA. The large short-circuit condition occurs when the U1501 shows that the power IC is damaged. It needs to be replaced to solve the problem. The welding and re-implantation will not work (the chip itself is damaged);

    13: The current is about 800MA, the main power supply positive voltage short circuit will burn out the flash IC U1602 and the display power IC U1501, all need to be replaced before they can be solved;

    14: iphone6 ​​alone replaces the CPU will appear brush machine error 53, WIFI underlying error will cause error 10, can be brushed with Aisi;

    15: The antenna switch U_ASM_RF above is the capacitance of my 4 capacitors. The resistance is very low. It measures only 6 ohms. It is easy to form a weak fault of the short-circuit signal. It needs to be replaced before it can be solved.

    16: iphone6 ​​board is normal to the current, the button does not display the general inductance of the J2019 display interface is damaged (first measure the lamp control resistance to quickly determine the fault point);

    17: iphone6 ​​touch can not be used if the U2401 and U2402 are not solved, then the CPU is soldered (first check the positive and negative 5.7V and 5.1V power supply of the touch, the conditions are satisfied in considering the black screen touch and then white touch);


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